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Beans and Rice Recipes

Beans and Rice Recipes

Rice and beans are the perfect staples upon which to base simple, tasty meals. You need only a few ingredients to rustle up delicious dishes, from a simple midweek supper to more elegant dishes for entertaining. Whether you choose a substantial bowl of pasta or a fragrant risotto, the recipes below are sure to delight.

Beans and Rice Recipes

  1. Ala Pilaf with Tomatoes and Parsley

  2. Asian Rice

  3. Asian Sticky Rice

  4. Barley and Mushroom Pilaf

  5. Barley with Pine Nuts

  6. Beans Ranchero

  7. Black Beans and Rice

  8. Brown Rice with Mushrooms

  9. Bulgur with Parmesan

  10. Country Baked Beans

  11. Couscous

  12. Creole Rice

  13. Long-Grain Rice Pilaf

  14. Red Beans and Rice

  15. Red Kidney Beans

  16. Refried Beans

  17. Refried Black Beans

  18. Rice Pilaf

  19. Rice with Chicken, Shrimps and Clams

  20. Rice with Chilies

  1. Rice with Grilled Garden Vegetables

  2. Risotto Milanese

  3. Saffron Rice

  4. Seville Rice

  5. Shrimps Fried Rice

  6. Spicy Mexican Rice

  7. Steamed Asian Rice

  8. Sticky Rice

  9. Tabbouleh

  10. Wild and White Rice

  11. Wild Rice

  12. Wild Rice, Brown Rice and Mushroom Pilaf

  13. Wild Rice Stuffing

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